The OwlCat Art Studio

PPLD art exhibitions

The Pikes Peak Library District ( )is a pretty swell operation, serving the community in more than the essential borrow-a-book capacity that every library is responsible for*.

A few months ago the PPLD invited artists to bring work to be juried for hanging in one/many/any of the several branches the district is composed of.  Happily, I was accepted for three shows, across three months and three different buildings.  Last Saturday (after much phone tag, several scheduling conflicts and a flat tire), I finally got down to the Old Colorado City branch to hang my first show.  Everyone there was really nice and I’m proud to have the opportunity to show my work in their building.  January and February will see my art moving to the Rockrimmon Branch and the Briargate Branch, respectively.

Exciting stuff!  So, the moral of the story is that you should go support your local library.  A lot of them will host events, invite speakers on important subjects, support local school programs, and yes, even help to perpetuate the allure of the “starving artist” as a way of life**.


* I’m a nerd.  One of my favorite things up at University was to wander through the library and finding brainy books on subjects that I didn’t know anything about and sit down to skim through them.  Or, better yet, check out several huge volumes (which I couldn’t possibly get through in 2 weeks) on some of my favorite subjects (such as Archaeology, History, Anthropology, Astrology, Cosmology, Mythology, etc., etc., etc.) and look at them longingly in between trying to do the reading and work that was actually assigned to me.  It’s a hard life, being enamored with Learning and Knowledge.   

** Not really.  But it’s a great opportunity for local artists to get a little exposure.


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