The OwlCat Art Studio

In the works…

It seems like art has been on the back burner recently, but I’m happy to say that I have PLANS.  I always have lots of plans, actually.  I’m very much a planner.  A lot of artists can just sit down in front of an empty canvas and go to town on it, and more power to them, but I like to map out each project and have an idea of where I want it to end up, though I’m generally surprised to some degree by the end result.  So, despite my failure to finish big projects on any kind of regular basis, I can say with confidence that I’m always at some level of planning on at least three pieces. 

My next big project is going to be a new “Saint George and the Dragon” (my previous painting, based on Raphael’s design, shown on the Paintings page sold recently).  It’s going to be an acrylic, on 30″ x 40″ canvas, which may be the largest I’ve worked.  I may post some of my initial sketches at a later time.  At any rate, once I finish my color study for it I can get to work!  I’m optimistically hoping to get it done before October.  I say “optimistically” because I’m currently working two day jobs and life in general has been fraught with distractions.

After that, I’m in the composition phases for a painting on Perseus fighting the sea monster/saving Andromeda.  I’m in the later composition phases for Belerophon and Pegasus.  Also, I’m toying with a few other projects, which shall go unnamed at this time. 

In other news, there’s a gallery in town that features local artists and I’m going to be bringing in some work for them to display and hopefully sell.  To be fair, there are several galleries in town, but this one is a very convenient location for me and they also carry a wide variety of styles and over a dozen artists.  Some smaller galleries really limit themselves in the artists they carry and it can be difficult to get a foot in the door to display with them.  When I have more information, I’ll be sure to pass it along!


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