The OwlCat Art Studio

Back to the “drawing board”

(The title is a pun!  Great, right?)

All right folks, so I went to Korea for two years.  I then traveled across Europe for over a month.  I’m engaged to the awesomest guy.  Let’s get this art train moving again, okay?


Not to sound unprofessional, I’m just excited.  While I’m hunting for decent job opportunities, I can commit a lot of good hours to getting an updated portfolio together and putting myself out there as an artist.  For all intents and purposes, “there” will be the internet for now.  I’m looking forward to sending things to publishers, but in the meantime I have things going on with squishable and deviantArt.  As a bit of an experiment, I’m going ahead and making some prints available on the latter.  PR is not one of my stronger suits, but I need to get back into networking with the people that are interested in art.  This is exciting.

Step one:  keep up on the website, including putting up work-in-progress sketches etc. on at least a weekly basis.

Step two:  go through my deviantArt account and ditch some of the old pictures that no longer represent myself or where my art is.

Step three:  Illustration!  My fiancee is a delightful writer of childrens’ stories and I’m going to start there.  Even if publishers opt out of the whole package (I think it’s well worth publishing, but I acknowledge that we’re in a tricky market right now), the artwork will still be great for my portfolio.

Step four:  Vast success.

Wow, when I break it down like that it looks so simple!  😉


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