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Art you can cuddle

Hey all!  So,, if you’re not familiar, is a delightful website full of great and adorable stuffed animals.  My fiancée and I own three, naturally.  😛  Something else wonderful that they do is their Project Open Squish, which allows anyone to design their own squishable.  Eventually, the design goes up for vote on the website and through the grand democratic process (and its social-media charged biases), they determine a new design that they go on to produce as a real stuffed toy, for sale on their site.  The artist gets some money as well as the stuffed version of their design.

THAT’S not even the sales pitch!  At any rate, back in December I sent them a design of my own.  My delightful fiancée Thomas wrote up the flavor text.  Just yesterday it went live for the voting process and I’d just be tickled if it won.  Of course, I’m not asking for votes.  It really shouldn’t be a popularity contest (not that I’m terribly popular).  But here I am to encourage anyone reading this to take a look and, if you like it, vote.  It’s on a 1 to 5 point scale, so follow your heart.  You’ll need to make a login, but that’s free and easy if you don’t mind spending a couple of minutes.

Here’s the picture, so you can get an idea:
Squishable Puffin DesignTake a look and, if you think it would make a good cuddle-buddy for yourself or any of your favorite people, please take a minute to vote.  Here’s the link one more time:

Thanks, everyone!


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