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The music of Middle-earth

Hey all, sorry for my silence since Halloween.  I hope it was a great holiday for everyone.  🙂  A few weeks ago I was taken somewhat by surprise when a good buddy got me in touch with his friend Aaron Dunn, creative entrepreneur behind a musical project: The Silmarillion Symphony.  Take a look and a listen, it’s really lovely.  The album will release on November 12 — that’s right, in FOUR days!

At any rate, Aaron asked me to illustrate the album cover and I was really excited to get on board with the project.  I really enjoy the world that Tolkien developed.  I’m a huge fan of The Hobbit (don’t ask me my feelings about the movies) and The Lord of the Rings.  If you haven’t read the books, I really deeply recommend them.  I was happy for an excuse to start reading The Silmarillion (any excuse to read!).  If you aren’t familiar, the book is a collection of stories mostly relating the origins and creation of Middle-earth and its people.  I’m enjoying it a lot so far.

Here’s the album cover I designed:

The trees of Valinor

The trees of Valinor


Sorry about the watermark.  Anyway, the tree on the left is Laurelin and the one on the right is Telperion.  In the middle is one of the lamps of the Valar (either Illuin or Ormal).  The sea is pretty significant in the early history of the world and the elves especially.  I used watercolor and some gouache on mat board, if you want the specifics.  It was a really fun project and it’s nice to do some commissioned work.  It was also a pleasure working with Aaron, so if you enjoy Tolkien, music, symphonies, awesomeness, great literature, inspiring music, nice album art, etc. please consider buying (pre-order is available) a copy for yourself.


I’ll try to update on other projects this coming week.  🙂  Until then, have a great weekend!


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