The OwlCat Art Studio

Storefront, next steps

Hey all!  Things have been busy: in the last month I’ve opened a store on Etsy, produced a few bookmarks for sale (especially on Etsy), applied for a few opportunities, etc.  … I guess that doesn’t seem so busy, but amidst LIFE it’s important to have some form of benchmark.  So, before further ado, please check out my new store!!

That’s right, The OwlCat Art Studio.  Let me know what you think!  I’m still getting some policies in place, etc., but it’s been an exciting project.  Eventually I hope to sell original (probably framed) art.  I have a bit of a back-stock and it would be so nice to share them.  Spoiler Alert: it’s only a pair of bookmarks right now.  Let me know if you think the price point is reasonable and if you like them.  🙂

Is it seagull in here, or is it just me?    Is it... tree in here...?


Keep an eye on it, I am preparing other projects to be made available.  Oh, I’ve also (finally?) set up an Artist page on facebook.  It will probably have similar content to this website, but I encourage you to “like” it if you like my art.  Thanks, folks!  Have a lovely Thursday.


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