The OwlCat Art Studio

*Sticky* Progress Pending (with updates)


*If you consider any activity that abides by Cat Labor Union rules “work”. (I don’t). – The Management


The site is hereby under construction!  I’ll continue posting, but here’s a sticky post to remind you that things are, in general, in progress.  We can only hope that these “things” will be an improvement.  That’s the intention, at least.  Questions or comments? Let me know!  Maybe you’re a website-design-guru and feel inclined to help me, perhaps out of the goodness of your heart?  LET ME KNOW!  Otherwise, just y’know… bear with me.  Look at the cats.  Most of them seem to be on break, but I’m sure they’ll get right to work as soon as you navigate away from the page…

Known Site Issues to Address:

  •   That background.  Geez.  I’m fond of the piece (and it’s available, even), but it doesn’t belong as the background of the main page.


  •   Those collections!  I’m so fond of them! But most of them don’t reflect my current artistic activities (nor even web-readiness for that matter), therefore they must go.  Take a few last looks maybe?  Gone now!  A few tweaks still, including populating the new Calligraphy Gallery and fixing up the Commissions Gallery and Illustration Gallery.


  •   That general layout!  Let’s get some clarity happening.  Let’s strive to maintain a concise design layout, and transparent practices, etc.


  •   That mobile layout!  Oh man!  It’s the worst.  Fix that junk.


  • Generally update things!  Personal info!  Site name!  My name?!

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