The OwlCat Art Studio

Gallery 2 ~ Printmaking

This page is dedicated to displaying my works in the printmaking arena.  Most are intaglio prints, which are made by cutting into a plate (usually copper or zinc) to create an image.  The plate is then inked, wiped, and run through a printing press to transfer the inked lines onto paper.  This process is repeated to create a series of prints, each one slightly unique to due inking technique, but otherwise they carry identical images.

  Most of these are engravings, which are done by cutting lines by hand using burin tools.  A lot of people find this tedious, but I really enjoy the process.  The etchings on the other hand,  are made by first applying an acid resistant layer (in this case, hard ground) to the plate.  The image I want is then scratched through the hard ground and the plate is submerged in acid for several minutes so that the lines are bitten out of the plate.  The plate is then inked and printed.

 “The Game”


2″ x 3″ Engraving on copper


Untitled (Shoulder study)

Drypoint on plexiglass


“The Dragon and St. George”


6″ x 8″ Engraving with drypoint, on copper




5″ x 8″ Engraving on copper


“For Andromeda”

 Based on the Greek myth of Perseus

4 1/2″ x 6″  Etching on copper


“The Lion and the Mouse”

Based on the parable of the same name

5 1/2″ x 6″  Etching on copper


“The God of Invention”

 Based on the Greek myth of Hermes stealing Apollo\'s cattle

4″ x 6″  Engraving on copper




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