The OwlCat Art Studio

Gallery 4 ~ Paintings

  Though I haven’t had nearly as much experience with painting media as I’d like, I consider it a staple for traditional artists.  So far I’ve only worked in acrylic and watercolor paints (both water based, though generally employing very different techniques), but I hope to try my hand with oil paint soon.  More recently I’ve made some fun attempts with gouache which, despite being often compared to watercolor, has a workability that seems very unique.

Empty Promises

Empty Promises

Watercolor on board, touches of gouache

Empty Promises, the next evolution of Gravewalker.  11 x 14 in. on watercolor board, which was a new experience for me.  I ended up doing this for a conference thing and went with watercolor rather than acrylic in order to expedite the painting process.  Lots of fun.  I kind of like where things ended up, though I wouldn’t be surprised if I rework the idea again in the future.


Ink and watercolor


This little painting was a sort of experiment/study for a larger-scale project I’m planning.  Also, an excuse to try out some sepia Pigma pens.  Ink and watercolor on watercolor paper, with a few touches of gouache.  I’m pleased with it and will eventually get it matted and framed.


St. George and the Dragon, after Raphael

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas


This painting is one of my particular favorites.  I can’t take credit for the composition, as that was borrowed by Raphael’s piece, but I had such a great time learning to really work acrylics into a finished piece here.  Here’s a link to my reference:


God of Invention Monoprint

watercolor on print

watercolor on print

If this image looks familiar, then you might recall seeing the engraving print in the Printmaking page.  A monoprint is a print which has already been pulled, and is then adjusted further.  In this case, I painted in watercolor right on top of the print.  Monoprints, unlike a print series, are unique.     The Lion and the Mouse monoprintWatercolor monoprint


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