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Happy Springtime!

This past Tuesday (March 20th) was the first day of Spring!  Delightful.  I don’t know about you, but in my neck of the woods we’ve been celebrating with temperatures reaching the mid-60s (Fahrenheit)!  It’s quite lovely.  I tried a jog just the other day and proved to myself that, yes, I am indeed terribly out of shape.  It’s actually mostly my lungs in need of conditioning, but of course the main takeaway is: severe discomfort.



Note: The above statement was written a day late.  Obviously it is way more than “a day late” at this point, except on the appropriate day of each following year.  For 24 hours each year, this will be accurate.




Moving Daze



My husband and I moved!  At the very beginning of January, actually.  It’s been quite a journey to get our stuff and our selves into the new place, but each of our rooms are finally looking usable, if not finished.  Below, you can see a bit of a before and after of the “study”/”studio”.  I’m hoping to get my second drafting table set up and still have optional space for the easel (as necessary), but it’s hard to say how that’ll ultimately shake out.  We still need to figure out storage for a lot of things (OBVIOUSLY).


Conditionally Creative

The cat's not even pretending to help.

I know a lot of creative people and it’s always interesting to me that certain occupations and activities require difference physical situations in order to work as intended. I know writers that can make do with a laptop anywhere, and others that need a whole room with their references and the atmosphere they’ve furnished (literally and figuratively) over their career. I know visual artists that can create a finished, whimsical or formal, piece of art while they’re about town or riding the subway. Others need a full studio with all the proper lighting equipment and materials just so.

The cat's not even pretending to help.

“This box is more infinite than I remember….”


Storefront, next steps

Hey all!  Things have been busy: in the last month I’ve opened a store on Etsy, produced a few bookmarks for sale (especially on Etsy), applied for a few opportunities, etc.  … I guess that doesn’t seem so busy, but amidst LIFE it’s important to have some form of benchmark.  So, before further ado, please check out my new store!!